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Aquapaw Slow Treater Lick Mat

Aquapaw Slow Treater Lick Mat

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The Aquapaw Slow Treater Lick Mat is the perfect solution for finicky pets. High-quality materials, safe and firm, durable and wear-resistant.

You can focus your dog's attention on pet snacks to reduce the animal's anxiety.
Suitable for yogurt, peanut butter, spreads, liquid foods, etc.
Sturdy structure, good durability and toughness, simple and practical.
The ideal feeding tool for pets. Its textured surface encourages your furry friend to lick their food, turning mealtime into a fun and stimulating experience. Made of food-grade silicone, it's safe for your pet and easy to clean.

Product Details:

Material: Silicone
Category: Pet Products
Function: feeding tool, toy
Features: simple, practical, soft, wear-resistant, durable
Application: yogurt, peanut butter, spread food, liquid food, etc.
Suitable occasion: family, pet shop
Size: " L x176" W x173" H x14.5" mm
Color: Blue

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Customer Reviews

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Levi Swift

It is convenient to use for dry food, and does not take up space.

Velda Marquardt

As is to the photo, very affordable

Jamie Tillman

Arrived quickly. Equals l photo and super good quality

Maryjane McDermott

Super nice my dogs love it. It occupies them for a while

Ophelia Kling

Great game, entertaining!